Do Mormons Practice Polygamy?

March, 9th 2016 Comments 12402 Views

The short answer is no Mainstream Mormons do not practice polygamy They used to over a century ago but have now stopped the practice entirely and those engaging in it are excommunicated


From Gay Marriage To Polygamy?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 11957 Views

If you're one of those rare people who think one spouse is not enough, your prayers may be answered After the Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage, conservative critics spotted sister wives on the horizon Polygamy, here we come! tweeted Weekly


Indeed, Why Not Polygamy?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 13002 Views

Is it time to grant polygamous marriages the same legal recognition as monogamous marriages? I think it is and heres why: all of the standard objections to polygamous marriage can apply to heterosexual monogamous marriage as well


Are Men Naturally More Polygamous Than Women?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 15547 Views

British men are much more likely than British women to believe that humans are naturally polygamous, according to new researchDespite the majority of the country's population believing that polygamy is morally wrong, almost half of men (46pc) think that i


Legalization Of Polygamy?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 8387 Views

One of the common arguments against gay marriage was the slippery slope argument If we allow gay marriage, the next stop is surely polygamy, to be followed by cats and dogs living together, people marrying their toasters, and so forth


Legalize Polygamy: Study

October, 12th 2015 Comments 7781 Views

A new study commissioned by the federal government recommends that Canada legalize polygamy and change legislation to help women and children living in plural relationships


The Problems With Polygamy

October, 12th 2015 Comments 8230 Views

So, are you legally married, you didnt get divorced? asked one clerkWell have to deny that, let me go grab the other supervisor real quick so I can get confirmation but as far as Im aware you cant be married to two people at the same time, said another cl