Indeed, Why Not Polygamy?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 12051 Views

Is it time to grant polygamous marriages the same legal recognition as monogamous marriages? I think it is and heres why: all of the standard objections to polygamous marriage can apply to heterosexual monogamous marriage as well


FLDs Exile To Offer Tour Of Polygamist Communities

September, 30th 2015 Comments 12936 Views

Those curious about the polygamous community(polygamy) that has thrived on the UtahArizona state line for nearly 75 years may now take a guided tour through what promoters bill as the largest and most secluded polygamist colony in America


Person Of Interest In Polygamist Raid

September, 30th 2015 Comments 4919 Views

A woman considered a person of interest in an investigation of phone calls that may have sparked a raid on a Texas polygamist group appeared in a Colorado courtroom Tuesday, a day after she was supposed to appear in a separate case


Love Your Lawyer Suit - FLDS Does Not Put Children In Danger

September, 30th 2015 Comments 7665 Views

Last month, TRLA filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Third Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas, on behalf of the mothers, where we argued the state did not follow Texas law when they took these children without providing any evidence that these households wer


Nevada Father Submits DNA

September, 30th 2015 Comments 4517 Views

A 32-year-old Nevada man drove 1,200 miles with a photo album of his children and said he would provide a DNA sample to Texas authorities Tuesday to prove paternity and get his three sons out of state custody.


Polygamists Moms Fight For Custody Of Kids

September, 30th 2015 Comments 5168 Views

Mothers who had lived at a polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas, are mounting a campaign to get back their children, who were taken into custody by the state after a raid on the compound earlier this month.