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  • network crosses 30,000 member count read more

    The controverstial polygamy network, and are reporting that earlier this month they surpassed 30,000 active members. Interestingly enough, majority of their users are based in the UK and US with 40% of their members being female.
  • Polygamy is for the rich only read more

    Polygamy has a cost barrier and it is not for everyone who wants it. “A man must be financially able to support multiple families equally” says Azad.
  • Polygamy saves marriages and families read more

    Azad Chaiwala, the founder of says that as much as 50% of UK families are vistims of infidelity related breakups and thinks the reason is becauase monogamy is not entirely natural. Many married men in are sexually frustated state and vulnerable to temptation because of the over sexualisation of our media.

    Azad believes by giving men an option to have multiple families this allows them to remain in honaourable marriages and satisfied with their innate needs.
  • Polygamist marriages last longer read more

    Despite there being no official records on polygamist marriage in the UK or US. Azad Chaiwala the founder of the Polygamy matchmaking service claims that Polygamist marriages last longer that traditional monogamist unions.
  • Polygamy STOPS Infidelity read more

    If you live in the UK or US, it is very unlikely that you don’t know of anyone who hasn’t strayed from their marriage vows once or twice. News like this has become the bread and butter of gossip magazines, dishing the dirt on someones one night stand.

    Perhaps the problem is men are expected to lead a monogamous lifestyle when by nature they are polygamists. Why not let them marry multiple wives and keep all in an honorable manner..

    Polygamist relationships are about open, pre-agreed relationships and no one is kept in the dark. There is no sneaking around. All adults involved are fully concenting. The children remain in happy, stable households.
  • Nobody wants our polygamy service read more has a budget of $250,000+ which we have been unable to spend due to TV, Magazine and every other general marketing service being too scared of the topic.
  • Woman Love Polygamy read more

    Azad Chaiwala the founder of polygamy matchmaking services & claims that woman desire polygamy almost as much as men. He back his claims with his latest member signup statistics. “When we first launched we started with a 30% signup rate for female members, which in itself was uterly shocking as we expected this number to be sub 10%. But a few months in to our launch and we are seeing this months average at 45% or higher numbers. Some days woman out numbered men”.

    “The numbers speak for themselves, so for anyone who thinks that Polygamy is oppressive or that women don’t agree with it, you will have to re-evaluate your beliefs.”
  • Polygamy legal loophole EXPLAINED read more

    Despite polygamous marriage being illegal in the UK & US, according to the BBC and UK’s Channel 4, there are more than 20,000 such marriage in existance in Britain and more than 80,000 in the United States.

    If you ever wondered how this is possible with no one being charged with bigamy then Azad Chaiwala, the founder of the first ever polygamist matchmaking services &, explains.

    The keyword here is LEGAL. It is against the law of both lands to legally register in an additional marriage whilst already being in one. This is referred to as Bigamy. What most people who practice polygamy do is they register their marriages or ceremonies, within their own local community.

    They are satisfied that as long as their peers, freinds, family members, and God recognise their additional unions, they do not need a piece of paper by the state to say who they can love, or share a life with. Christian couples get married in a chruch, Muslims in the mosque, The farming community maybe in their beautiful fields, under the sun etc.
  • Entrepreneur opens world's first polygamy website read more

    Take the business approach. Not many viable relationship niches left. Over 1000 already catered for. 400 million polygamists exist. caters for that niche.
  • The modern struggle of polygamists read more

    On launching the service we thought everyone would be encouraging and crowds would come to us, but it’s been quite the contrary. We felt almost a media gag order had been placed on us, we even tried paying journalists to talk about us. The same marketing budget the marketing companies were refusing to accept, we tried redirecting it to news reporters.
  • Azad Chaiwala wants us all to accept polygamy read more

    Azad Chaiwala is so passionate about spreading the message of polygamy that he has left most of his high value business ventures and spends time preaching the benefits of polygamy to the world. He has even invested a small fortune of his own in order to launch polygamy match making service
  • I was a polygamists at 12 years old read more

    Most of us don’t even know how to change a light bulb. Azad Chaiwala the founder of Polygamy says he was 12 years old when he knew he was a polygamist and that he would have multiple wives when he grew up.
  • Who needs polygamy anyway? read more

    Apparantly many people do according to and founder Azad Chaiwala. He belives that a lot of our problems like high divorce rates, infidelity, additiction to pornography, absent fathers etc can be dealt with by accepting polygamy.

  • Muslim polygamist goes high tech read more

    Azad Chaiwala, spent almost a decade looking for his second wife in vain. When the answer was in front of him all the time… Azad has been a technology entrepreneur his entire life, having built almost a dozen web based business that at one time were clocking over 50 million unique monthly users.

    Having failed offline, Azad created & in hopes to find himself and others like him, more wives.
  • Muslim men need more wive says sites founder read more

    Azad Chaiwala the founder of belives that muslim men need more than one wife if they are to wade off the danger of divorce or falling into any illicit relationships outside of marriage.

    Todays advertising media plays on the innate weakness of men to sell anything and everything. It’s very difficult being a good muslim man and not get attracted to what’s on offer. Often leaving men disgruntled with wives that are taking care of their young families and putting their families in danger of breaking apart.
  • Muslim man wants everyone to have more wives read more

    Muslims polygamy service founder Azad Chaiwala is urging sound minded, familiy orientated Muslims men to take up more than one wife. He is trying to revive what he claims is an old tradition of the prophets.

    We have a lot of widows and divorcees amongst us that might as well forget ever being loved or taken care of again because society and culture has taught us to shun the practice of polygamy and only marry one woman at a time and even then someone who has never been married before.

    This ratio and neglect is not sustainable, so he urges good muslim men and women to join him in removing the negative stigma associated with polygamy.
  • More Muslimas join than ISIS read more

    Azad Chaiwala founder of Muslim polygamy match making service believes it is his duty to diffuse the negativity around muslims of today. In a light hearted conversation he states that people have a much bigger concerns on their hands in the shape of his matchmaking services for polygamists, and, as more Muslims are joining them than are joining the terrorism group ISIS.
  • 25,000 members join Muslim polygamy site read more

    In a documentary about polygamists, “Men With many Wives” aired in 2015 the UK’s Channel 4 claimed that there are 20,000 Muslim Polygamist families living in the UK. Well Azad Chaiwala, founder of says he is determined to help grow that number by many multiples. His network of polygamy sites aimed at muslims and none muslims is celebrating their 25 thousanth member signup to the muslim only polygamy matchmaking service.
  • British Muslim men go online to find more wives read more

    Despite everyone thinking that Polygamy is quite common amongst British Muslims. This is not the case claims Azad Chaiwala, Founder of the first ever online polygamy matchmaking service for Muslims. Most British Muslims are of a subcontinental origin and despite their ancestors supposed faith being Islam, their culture and traditions held a lot higher value and these societies frowned upon polygamy. Azad Chaiwala says that over the past 2 decades young Muslims of Britain have shunned their ancestrial cultures and started to give presidence to Islam itself and with that comes the practice of Polygamy.

    Azad belives more and more of these young Muslims want to practice polygamy and their own families and cultures are unable to help them. For this reason he setup and British Muslims are flocking to the service in large numbers. To the extent that British Muslims make up the largest number of users and account for 85% of all marriages that have took place as a result of meeting on his websites.