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Frequently asked questions

  • When did this website found and how many members do you have? read more
    We launched to Muslims only in Oct 2014 and was launched in February of 2016 for everyone. has in excess of 25,000 members whilst has 6,000 already and is growing now at 50% that rate per month, so essentially doubling in size every 2 months.
  • Why did you decide to create this website? read more
    At 12 I knew I was a polygamists, everyone blooms at different times and ages and 12 was the magic number for me. By my late teens I had already informed every living soul that I was going to have multiple wives and 20 children. At 22 I got married for the first time and let my new wife and in-laws know prior to about my future plans.

    Almost a decade came to pass and I was still a one wife husband... on top living in the digital age where I could find anything from a burger to a bathtub online... what use of me being an entrepreneur, if I could not use my own digital expertise and solve this problem electronically. I knew like me there would me many others struggling to find additional wives offline... Thus was born and seeing it's success and demand, soon followed.
  • Do you think more people should practice polygamy? read more
    Yes and here's the reason why. Because we already practice a very corrupt form of it already in the shape of Pornography, easy hookup apps where you can swipe for an encounter, strip clubs and extra marital affair websites.... except they all have a very bad effect on the fabric of society that is the family. Polygamy keeps families together and makes them bigger and stronger.

    In polygamy a man openly marries more than one woman, he has an honorable relationship with both woman as his wives, not side-chicks, one night flings or mistresses. He provides for and maintains both families, he is not let off his responsibility in case he did not want it or is not kept away from it by family visitation laws etc. He shares his love, time and resources equally with his wives and subsequent families.

    This reduces the issue of high divorce rates, absent fathers and single mothers in society. It's tough being a heterosexual man in modern society, there is so much temptation and far too many men are strong enough to keep control and thus lose out on their ability to be who they are. I believe that Polygamy though not for everyone is a part of our innate nature.
  • Has there been an increase/decrease in polygamy? read more
    Decrease for some odd reason, to an extent that today many societies consider it a taboo even to think about it. Yet I can prove from almost every major religious scripture that it is permitted and was practiced with the blessing of each faith system

    But somewhere over the past 150 years, not sure how or why, it just became an outcast practice and thus banned. But it's making a serious come back. Encouraged by the many mainstream TV shows, reality documentaries and of-course our websites. People are very quickly finding the courage to come out from their polygamy closet.

    So to answer your question directly, Polygamy is on the increase. But a lot more work is still needed to educate them to the benefits of it.
  • What do you say to those criticizing your website? read more
    What people do in their personal life should not concern anyone else. As long as they are not harming anyone. So essentially live and let live, there's far bigger issues that need their time and attention. And who are they to judge.
  • Obviously many wives are not legal in all countries, so is polygamy viable? read more
    That is true, but as with any man made law, their is always a way around it. Majority of our users are from the US and UK and these guys get around the law by simply marrying their additional wives through their own belief system and society. For example, Muslims would marry at a mosque and seek the blessing of their own community and friends. Whilst Christians would marry through the church and seek the approval of only their close ones. Non-faith based groups like surfers would hold a ceremony at the beach etc.

    As long of the people around you, those that matter know you are husband and wife and you have taken you vows in front of god and those that matter... you don't need a piece of paper from the sate to tell you whom you can love or love not and who you can share your life with.
  • Anything else you would like to add? read more
    Some people think that Polygamy is not for women, even I was shocked my self at the sheer high rate of female members signing up, which is 30% on and 35% on To put this into perspective, when the data was leaked on Ashley Madison they only had 5% female signups. I in all honesty was expecting about 5% members to be woman. These figures are further encouraging because 80% of these female members are highly educated and working professionals. I have lost count on how many doctors, lawyers, teachers and business women i have came across, We even have a ton of high ranking active and ex-military personnel.