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In our attempt to codify Islamic law in India which is today quite loosely applied causing lot of problems to Muslim women, we interviewed number of prominent ulama One of our questions was should polygamy be regulated? With few exceptions most of them sa


Polygamy: Tis The Season?

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The legalization of gay marriage in six states and the continued efforts toward legalizing it in the rest of the country has opened the flood gates that have, for hundreds of years defined legal marriage in the United States as the union between one man a


Through My LensPolygamy In Practice

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Polygyny (marrying more than one woman) is the right of the Muslim brother in Shariah, and it was practiced by our beloved prophet Muhammad (s)I write about the issue of polygyny with some hesitation, but many have asked me to write about it, and there ar


Polygamy, Not My Problem- A Muslim Woman

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If you dont want your husband to marry another woman, the imams said, then, reflect on the hadith of the Prophet,(peace and blessings be upon him) You should love for your sister what you love for yourself



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It is an accepted historical fact that polygamy was considered permissible in all religions of the world long before the advent of Islam The custom of polygamy prevailed in Arabia, India, Iran, Egypt, Babylon and also amongst the other nations Even presen


Why Do Women Refuse Polygamy?

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Why does a woman in a Muslim country refuse to accept her husband taking on a second wife? Has polygamy due to social factors like an increase in the percentage of women become more acceptable to women in the Muslim world? Why is the percentage of polyg


Polygamy In Islam; Marrying Multiple Women

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One of the most beautiful laws of Islam is in regards to the guardianship and treatment of women One cannot truly love and worship Allah (swt) without agreeing with the rights of the female, and more specifically, the rights of the wives


Why Does Islam Allow Polygamy And Plural Marriages?

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It is best for a man to have only one wife, but Islam allows polygamy (or, more accurately polygyny) when social circumstances make it necessary Islam placed important legal restrictions on polygyny, limiting it to one man with four wives, and also place


What Does Islam Say About Mothers?

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This is one of the most convincing things about Islam - the treatment of women in general and especially the high position mothers hold in IslamAmongst the clearest examples of Islam's honoring women is the great status of the mother in Islam Islam comman


Multiple Wives (A Quranic View)

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What does the Quran say about polygamy? Can a man be married to more than one woman at the same time and whenever he pleases? The straightforward answer is noThe Quran presents only one very specific situation in which a man may have more than one wife, b