Polygamy: Sin, Subsistence, Special Privilege, Or Simple Tradition?

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Polygamy… sin, means of subsistence, special privilege or simply a practice as old as mankind?

Some church leaders strongly condemn polygamy as adultery; others believe that a polygamist cannot be a true Christian; still other non-Western church leaders point out that polygamy was accepted by God in the Old Testament and that there is nothing wrong with Christians today having more than one wife.

So, what are the cultural reasons for polygamy in the 85% of the world’s cultures that permit polygamy?

How do these reasons relate to the teaching of the Bible?

And, what does this mean for the local church and for new converts from a polygamous background?

Dr Gaskiyane approaches the subject by providing answers to 8 key questions:

What are the reasons for polygamy in those traditional cultures which are almost entirely polygamous?

How does God treat polygamy in the Bible?

How should Christians view polygamy in non-Christian cultures today which have been polygamous for a very long time?

How should the church handle new converts who come from a background of traditional polygamy?

How should the church assist in changing a culture from polygamy to monogamy?

What is a biblical perspective on the policy of some churches to require polygamists to put away all but one wife?

According to Scripture, should polygamists who retain their multiple wives be baptised?

Should polygamists be permitted to take Holy Communion?

“The church needs cultural sensitivity and wisdom from God in dealing with those who come to Christ from a background of traditional polygamy.”

Special Features: Clear practical and biblical guidelines for churches in a polygamous society.

Author: Dr I. Gaskiyane

ISBN: 0953575799

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Pages & Format: 64pp, p/b

Publication Date: 21/7/2000